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Snowplows From Wyoming, National Park Service, Bust Through Drifts In Yellowstone National Park


Bob Johnston (left), Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) foreman, and Kenny Whitman, National Park Service (NPS), along with their respective plow crews, greet each other just south of Grant Village in Yellowstone National Park.

It wasn't exactly like the meeting of the Transcontinental Railroad at Promontory Summit in 1869, but there still was plenty of celebrating when snowplows from the state of Wyoming and the National Park Service met near Grant Village.

With the assistance of money raised by the community of Jackson, Wyoming, Wyoming Department of Transportation crews achieved their plowing milestone of reaching 16 miles into the park from Flagg Ranch just outside the South Entrance.

On Monday the Wyoming plows met NPS crews so that the park can open the park's South Entrance on May 10 as originally scheduled. A similar effort by the residents of Cody, Wyoming, provided funding that allowed WYDOT crews to help clear another section of road into Yellowstone, allowing the park's East Entrance to open to visitors as originally scheduled this Friday, May 3.

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