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Biscayne National Park Receives $35,000 To Begin Stabilizing Fowey Rocks Lighthouse


A $35,000 gift will help Biscayne National Park begin stabilizing the iconic Fowey Rocks Lighthouse. NPS photo.

A $35,000 gift is heading to Biscayne National Park to help begin stablization of the Fowey Rocks Lighthouse that the U.S. Coast Guard transferred to the park last fall.

The money will be presented to the park on Sunday by the Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation and the Florida Lighthouse Association.

Both the Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation and the Florida Lighthouse Association are not-for-profits made up of citizen activists dedicated to the preservation of the six Florida Keys Reef Lighthouses as well as 24 other remaining historic lighthouses that line Florida's 1,350-mile coastline. Their mission is to preserve, restore, protect and defend Florida's lighthouse towers, along with their material culture, buildings, artifacts and records to assure that the magic of Florida's lighthouses and lighthouse keepers will be available for the enjoyment and understanding of future generations.

First lit in 1878 and still guiding mariners today, the offshore Fowey Rocks Lighthouse has a rich maritime history that the National Park Service hopes to protect and share with the American public for many years to come. However, the iron lighthouse structure has suffered many years in a merciless offshore environment and is in need of repairs and stabilization.

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