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Grand Canyon National Park Scaling Back Search For Missing Rafter


No signs have been found of Kaitlin Kenney, a Colorado woman who vanished from a Colorado River trip through the Grand Canyon. Photo courtesy of Justin Kenney via NPS.

Grand Canyon National Park rangers are scaling back their search for a 21-year-old Colorado woman who went missing from a river trip last weekend.

Since the search began there's been no sign of Kaitlin Kenney, of Englewood. The young woman was last seen on Friday at a river camp located near Tapeats Creek on the north side of the Colorado River in the park.

Rangers used the park’s helicopter to search the river corridor and area trails for two days after she was reported missing. In addition, ground-based search and rescue teams thoroughly searched the accessible trails, beaches, drainages and backcountry areas in the vicinity.

With no additional clues to guide search efforts on land, the decision was made to scale the search back to a continuous, but limited mode in which rangers and pilots will continue to search for clues when in the area, park officials said. In addition, flyers with Ms. Kenney’s picture and description remain posted at popular river trip launch and takeout points; and anyone who may have information regarding her whereabouts is encouraged to call the park tip line at 928-638-7767.

Any additional clues collected will guide future search efforts.

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