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Registration For Field Courses In Denali National Park Opens January 9


Winter months are planning months (unless you can escape to a warm, sandy location). And beginning January 9, you'll be able to start planning a summer journey to Denali National Park and Preserve for a field seminar hosted by Alaska Geographic.

The rich array of field courses offer the solitude of Alaska’s wilderness at night. These small-group courses are led by Alaska’s best wildlife biologists, wildflower experts, published authors, and renowned artists. Sign on and the staff will take care of your meals, transportation, and lodging, so you’re free to focus on Alaska’s forests, mountains, and tundra.

What are some of the topics?

* Mosses and lichens

* Birds of Denali

* Wildlife Tracking and Sign

* Landscape Painting

* Dinosaur Camp: A Family Adventure

* Edible and Medicinal Plants

* Composing in the Wilderness

* Stories As Mirrors of Science: Storytelling Workshop

* Wolf Studies in Denali: Past to Present

* Art in Parks and Parks in Art: Conserving America's Parks

* Denali's Alpine Wildlife

To learn more about these, and other courses, visit this website.

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