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Horses On Assateague Island National Seashore Weathered Sandy Just Dandy


While Hurricane Sandy tossed numerous impacts at Assateague Island National Seashore, the seashore's ponies weathered the storm just fine, according to park officials.

"They are acting as if nothing happened," says Rachelle Daigneault, the seashore's chief of interpretation, who checked on the ponies. "They've been here 300 years. They've not only survived, but they've thrived."

During storms such as Hurricane Sandy, wild horses on barrier islands such as Assateague Island National Seashore, Cape Lookout National Seashore, and Cumberland Island National Seashore often retreat into the pines of maritime forests. Not only do the trees offer a measure of respite from the weather, but so do the surrounding dunes.


my UrbanTrekkers camp on Assateague Island every fall and we love the Island, the horses, the bay and all that is Assateague...we were there just before the Sandy and we were worried about the horses...thanks for the good news.

We were planning on taking our annual trip to Assateague this weekend. Does anyone know of the National campground is open? The phone number for the area is always busy. This trip is a fall highlight for my kids.

Any on the ground reports would be much appreciated. You could post here or email me directly ([email protected]).

Thank you!

Thanks so much for letting us know! We were worried. So glad that all is well. :)

Here is a video of how the ponies survived from The Washington Post.

I am so relieved the ponies are okay! We were there this summer....fell in love with the magical! I have been so worried about the horses....thanks so much for the knowledge that they weathered the storm!

My son Carlos and me (are from Germany and) went with a camper to Assateaque-I. on October 6th to see the horses and the islands beautifull landscape. First we only found "thousands" of cyclists. But an hour later we saw two of the "wild beasts" far away in the marshlands. And on our way back, two of the horses were -seemingly bored - walking along the road - unimpressed from a dozend of filming and photografing visistors. This short and small event was enough for a tight bond of Carlos and me to the horses. All the time during and after "Sandy" we searched for good news about them. Thank you for your research!

My wife and I were concerned about the horses after Sandy. Thanks so much for the good news!

For over 40 years, my daughters and myself have enjoyed the beautiful beaches of Assateaque and the glorious ponies. Our little road on the bay was flooded leaving so many of our neighbors with thousands of dollars in damage yet even before I knew my place was safe, my main concern was for the ponies. Thank God they are safe. "Stuff" can be replaced. The Assateaque ponies can not.

Many Thanks for the update.

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