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Glacier National Park Fund, Glacier Association To Merge


In a move intended to bolster their support and work in behalf of Glacier National Park, the Glacier National Park Fund and the Glacier Association have announced their intentions to merge into the Glacier National Park Conservancy as of January 1, 2013.

The Conservancy’s goal will be to generate financial support for Glacier National Park in an era of reduced federal budgets through increased private fundraising and philanthropic activities, and continued operation of the bookstores within Glacier National Park and at other federal agency partner sites in Montana.

The Glacier National Park Fund and the Glacier Association currently provide aid and support to Glacier National Park in related ways:

* The Glacier National Park Fund focuses on fundraising and philanthropy from individuals and organizations in order to help support designated projects within the Park in areas related to research, preservation, trails and education.

* The Glacier Association provides financial aid through sales of educational and interpretive materials to the public from bookstores at visitor centers and ranger stations throughout the park, as well as from its headquarters bookstore at the Belton Depot in West Glacier.

The Glacier Association also currently manages sales outlets at other federal agency sites, including the National Bison Range, the Flathead National Forest, the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site, and the Big Hole National Battlefield. These agency partners will continue to be supported by the new organization.

Merging these two organizations will allow fundraising activities for Glacier National Park to be accomplished in a cooperative and more effective manner, the groups said in a release. The merger will also provide a “single voice” to their constituencies and stakeholders – reducing confusion and enhancing overall visitor awareness.

Budgetary constraints brought on by diminished federal support make private gifts and other aid to the park more important than ever before. The Conservancy will strive to enhance public engagement and increase support for Glacier National Park.

Upon the merger, the membership of the Conservancy Board will be based on current managerial needs and will include both local and national representation. In addition, a National Council of Advisors will be created to assist the board and Conservancy staff with strategic planning and outreach activities. The logistical details will be determined as the merger moves forward.

The Glacier National Park Fund was established in 1999 as the non-profit fundraising partner for Glacier National Park. The Fund’s mission is to support the preservation and protection of the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Glacier National Park, through private philanthropy, for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. To date, the Glacier National Park Fund has provided over $3.5M in support of the park.

The Glacier Association is a non-profit cooperating association of the National Park Service that supports education and interpretation through the sale of books and other merchandise at the visitor centers in Glacier National Park and at other federal agency sites. Originally formed in 1941 and incorporated in 1946, the Association has provided more than 70 years of monetary and in-kind assistance for Glacier National Park and these other sites.


One decision promoted by former Redwood NP Supt. Steve Chaney was to merge both northern California State

Parks Natural History Association with RNP's Redwood Association which has proven to be a poor decision

making/requiring two different organizational cultures to communicate as a team. The 4 State Parks involved

include Patrick's Pt., Prairie Ck., Del Norte Coast & Jedediah Smith Redwoods which performed very well as a

separate natural history association with dedicated volunteers and a few managers. The Fear has long been of

an NPS-Take-over with an earlier slogan, "Just Say NO to the BUFFALO" (NPS Arrowhead-Bison emblem)

NPS was late in arriving in the coastal redwoods despite NPS's Stephen Mather having been a co-founder of The

Save The Redwoods League of 1918 promoting coastal redwood old-growth forest protection in the California State

Park System beginning with Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Thus, It was their passion for redwood protection

from devastating clear-cut logging with species biological conservation which drove the founding League pioneers

and contributing memberships. Whereas, NPS superintendents selected for Redwood typically are earning their

highest pay grade at least three years prior to retirement for their maximum pension benefits which brings them to Redwood NP, not their passion for future redwood old-growth & habitat preservation.

The issue is often one of NPS Superintendents (eager "to build Monuments to satisfy their Egos").

behaving as though they were supervisors of the Association Boards of Directors or forcing their retired

cronies/allies to force their way onto Association Boards to control where the available sales gains are spent.

Not long ago, former retired RNP Supt. Doug Warnock was serving on the Redwood Assoc. Board as "Lobbyist"

Sometimes, these Boards are made-up of "older retired personalities who just want to get along" and try to

avoid conflicts with a meddling superintendent; rather the Board should just say,"NO"or better yet 'DENIED"

This persistent MEDDLING by NPS Superintendents is interpreted to be both unethical and illegal according to

one Non-Profit attorney where a superintendent is attempting to re-write/change non-profit By-Laws and indeed

may represent other serious "Conflicts of Interest".

Sorry, it's Best NOT to MERGE...Glacier's Foundation Fund with the NHA...another serious mistake, we predict !

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