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Woman Stabbed On Trail In Great Smoky Mountains National Park


A 44-year-old woman was attacked and stabbed several times Friday while hiking the Gatlinburg Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, according to park officials.

The unidentified woman managed to make her way to Highway 441 shortly before 3 p.m. and flag down a motorist, who reported the incident to park dispatch, a park release said.

Rangers immediately closed the Gatlinburg Trail and contained an area between Sugarlands and the city of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The victim suffered multiple stab wounds and was taken by helicopter to the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. She remained in the hospital and was in stable condition, the park reported.

Great Smoky rangers were working closely with the Gatlinburg Police Department to search the area. “We believe this was an isolated incident,” said Chief Ranger Clay Jordan. “Rangers have combed the area and believe the suspected has fled the area.”

The suspect is described as a white male of thin build, in his 40s, standing 5-foot, 7 inches tall, with a crew cut and thin mustache. He was wearing black dress pants and a gray T-shirt at the time of the attack, the park reported. He has multiple tattoos, including one on his stomach.

Anyone with any information was asked to call the park dispatch emergency line at 865-436-9197.


It's a tragedy.

But we have to remember that the Gatlinburg Trail is the most urban trail in the Smokies. You pick up the trail in town and it's a flat trail where dogs are allowed. So the Smokies are safe.

Danny Bernstein

This makes me spitting mad! Thugs like this need to either get a life and let others live in peace or just be put down and out of our misery. Prayers for a speedy recovery for the woman and here's hoping they find the jerk quickly.

Of course he fled the TRAIL... uhm... the thug doesn't want to get caught!! What a dumb comment. That does not mean he fled the area or that it will happen again.

My husband showed me this story this morning so I would not be shocked if I heard it elsewhere. I cried reading it... because I just feel for this woman. I have been on this trail many times and a few times alone with my dog. For a man to do this in broad daylight in middle of day on a busy trail and on a busy weekend.. he is obviously very bold and had to have known the trail orat least cased it out to know when he would have the opportuity to commit this awful crime, before other hikers came. I have to say I am even more shocked that someone would write what hospital she was taken to, since she was so severely attacked and her attacker is still out there. This is dumfounding to me that the person that originally gave this info did not think that this man could try to find her again. These reporters need to cover the news with more sensitivity to the Survivor of these crimes. Yes, she is a survivor, not a victim. These reporters need to write about these horrible stories as if it was their wife, sister or mother and I think he or she would think twice about the way things are worded. My thoughts and prayers go out to her, to have a quick recovery and heal her spirit and heart. The skin will heal, but it takes a long time to heal the vulnerabilty and spirit of an attack like this.

How could something so ugly happen in such a beautiful place like the Smokies? Prayers for a speedy recovery and I pray this guy is caught and brought to justice.(Swift Justice!)

Did they find the attacker?

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