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Traveler Debuts New Features! New Nav Bar Navigation, Download Our First Magazine, And More!


Be sure to download a copy of Traveler's special magazine celebrating the great work of national park friends groups.

Welcome to a few of many improvements in store for you on Traveler.

2012 will be a year of new initiatives—here are a few we hope you’ll like.

New Drop Down Menus—

The Traveler’s new Nav Bar has drop down menus to quickly get readers to content they want to see.

Click Departments and regular readers can jump right to popular items like Gear Box reviews, Traveler’s View editorials, Features, book reviews, Discriminating Explorer travel stories, Parks Beyond Borders global columns, and more.

For newcomers—you finally get a fast, up-front introduction to Traveler’s departments—that we hope quickly connects you to enticing, interesting content.

Click Pick Your Park—and the entire NPS inventory sprawls before you—as well as a growing trove of “Global Parks” features. Combine these park-focused pages and our Search feature—and you will not believe the planning resource that the Traveler puts at your fingertips.

Download Traveler’s First MagazineHere’s your copy of Essential Friends

Traveler’s first magazine features eight of the top parks in the country—along with the "essential friends" groups, trusts, and foundations that are making nationally significant contributions to "their" parks as federal budgets fall. Check it out—these friends offer truly insider tips for how to enjoy eight of America’s iconic parks this summer!

Download the PDF—or print it out from the MagCloud!

We’re More Social—So You Can Be

Thank you—for making Traveler so widely shared! Now it’ll even be easier.

Notice the multiple social media icons on every article—and please feel free to post our stories on Facebook and Tweet your feelings. Or fire off an article via e-mail to friends who may be planning a trip to a national park—or are just involved in one of the raging debates Traveler sparks as we pursue our mission—getting people engaged in enjoying and protecting our national parks.

We hope you’ve noticed the Traveler's more exciting, informative advertising (click on our supporters!), our new regular columns, and even our new global park initiative.

That’s it for now. We hope these changes help. Tell your friends—peak park travel season is under way!

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But please don't change the Home Page format. It's simple and easy to find all the day's new items. I'm afraid that if we have to prowl through a bunch of tabs to find it all, we'll miss some important and interesting stuff.

I just had time to sit down and try some of the new features. I LOVE the "Find your park" option.

But still, don't change the home page.

Good for you, Kurt. It seems like a lot of work, so I hope you're earning a living through NPT.

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