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Claim Your Piece Of America


Claim your piece of America and get involved with protecting it.

An interactive website just launched this week by the Sierra Club lets you show some love and take some action to protect the places in the country -- the Yellowstones, Yosemites, the Smokies, Acadia and more -- that hold a special place in your heart and consciousness.

The site is called My Piece of America, and is part of a larger Sierra Club campaign to permanently protect public lands in today’s technology-driven age.

On the site you can upload and view photos of your favorite, special places in America. It also lets you connect with local protection campaigns on the ground and offers other ways to take action to help conserve those places.

For instance, there currently is a letter-writing campaign on the site to let President Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar know that you want President Obama to "use your presidency to permanently protect our most important wild places."

The site also features some vignettes on some of the land-protection projects the Sierra Club currently is working on. For example, in the Northeast the group is involved in protecting "the few remaining stretches of continuous temperate broadleaf and mixed forest in the world" that can be found from upstate New York to Acadia National Park.

The homepage of My Piece of America also features a list of thumbnail photos that readers have contributed. Click on a photo and a larger version of the image appears, along with the name of the contributor and where the photo was taken. There's also a place to leave comments on the photo.

Check out this site, and learn how you can become more involved in saving these special places in America.


Or you can just sue to prevent others from claiming it for themselves!

I love the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone NP. It is the only place I know in the lower 48 where you can look to the Horizon and every creature present when Lewis and Clark came by 1804-06 is still there. I have seen wolves, grizzlies, elk, Bison, pronghorn, mule deer, beaver, big horned sheep, bald and golden eagles all in the same day.

Wow having worked to return the wolves back in the 1990s, it brings tears to my eyes to visit there and see everthing as it should be. If it wasn't for that pesky road to Cooke city it would be perfect!

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