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Tioga Road In Yosemite National Park To Open Monday


[color=#464646]A low snowpack and favorable weather for plowing has Yosemite National Park officials saying the Tioga Road will open this coming Monday, May 7, for all vehicle traffic. [/color][color=#464646]Yosemite Superintendent Don Neubacher says the road should open at noon on Monday. [/color]

[color=#464646]The Tioga Road, bounded on both sides by State Highway 120, is the popular east-west crossing of the Sierra Nevada. Vault toilets are available in several locations along the road. However, due to damage sustained to two transmission lines, the Tuolumne Meadows area will be without electrical power and visitor services until repairs can be made.[/color]

Park officials say the past winter's snowpack is only about 50 percent of normal. As a result, [color=#464646]the Tioga Road was able to be cleared of snow earlier than usual. However, snow and icy conditions may still exist on hiking trails at the higher elevations. Visitors are urged to be prepared for snowy conditions and possible treacherous stream crossings while hiking the backcountry[/color]

[color=#464646]All campgrounds along the Tioga Road are closed. All commercial services, including the gas station, store, and village grill, are also closed. There are no anticipated opening dates for any of these facilities at this time.[/color]

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