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National Park Foundation Redesigns Its Website


The National Park Foundation has redesigned its website and stocked it with information on how you can explore the parks. 

A fresh, content-rich makeover has spread across the National Park Foundation's website, providing information on parks in your backyard as well as updates on how the Foundation spends its charitable dollars.

By zeroing in on your Internet Service Provider logistics, the site's home page offers up information on parks in your relative backyard.

The homepage also touts some of the Foundation's latest work, such as a transportation program to get students to parks, and trail work around the National Park System. The homepage also offers up information on notable parks, such as Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. Click to one of those pages and you are offered more information on Foundation projects in that specific park, can tap into photo and video galleries, even get the latest weather report!

These park pages are interactive, too, as you can upload your own photos, video, or stories about visiting the parks. The pages also pull in relevant Twitter and Facebook posts.

Elsewhere on the site you can find trail tips from park rangers, who also provide insights into how best to enjoy their parks; details on some weekend getaways you might consider; some national park news (but nothing controversial); even a small shopping store.

There also, of course, are buttons that let you donate to the Foundation, pages that list their partners, a page with kid-specific content, and even some information on Foundation-sponsored trips and outings.

Designed and created by STRATMARK, just a few of the unique features of include:
Ø  Parks Near You – Wherever you are, instantaneously discover the national parks nearest you – with nearly 400 parks in the system, you may be surprised to discover one right around the corner.

Ø  What’s Your Favorite Park – Everyone has a favorite – what’s yours?  Easily select yours and discover news, photos, videos and even the real-time weather at your favorite national park destination. 

Ø  Parks By The People – With one click learn the latest about your national park destination from other park visitors and supporters.  Photos, videos, tips, news and even up-to-the-minute Facebook and Twitter tidbits direct from the National Park Service – find it all in one place on park pages.

Ø  Share Your Story – Have an amazing national park photo, story or video?  Let your experience inspire others by sharing it with the world and other national park fans like you!
Ø  National Park Marketplace – Now you can shop online and support your national parks at the same time.  Visit the new National Park Marketplace and discover great NPF merchandise and other products that go to support the national parks.

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