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CAPTCHA Woes Strike The Traveler

The CAPTCHA gremlins have infiltrated the Traveler! We're aware the system won't allow you to post comments, and we're working to flush out the gremlins. Thanks for your patience!


I'm able to post comments. BUt several months ago my CAPTCHA was a bunch of chinese (?) Couldn't quite type that one

Ranger Lady:  I tell you the Chinese are taking over, lol!!!!

Hmmm.  In some cases, CAPTCHA may be trying to tell us something by barring comments!  :)

This the first comment I've made in several months. I stopped making comments after tiring of having to use Captcha after having logged (with a different email address and name). I don't see why one should have to use Captcha after logging in to National Parks Traveler.

CJT, you raise a legitimate point. I can tell you spammers are trying to get past the CAPTCHA just about every hour of every day. But I'll take up your suggestion with the tech staff. We certainly don't want to make it overly difficult to contribute your thoughts.

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