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Nearly 6 Years After Being Vandalized, Statue Honoring 4th New York Battery Returned To Pedestal At Gettysburg National Military Park


Lucas Flickinger gently guides the statue into place on the 4th New York Battery pedestal with the assistance of other members of the park's monument crew. NPS photo.

Nearly six years after a statue honoring the 4th New York Battery's role at Gettysburg was vandalized, it has been repaired and returned to its pedestal.

Monument preservation staff at Gettysburg National Military Park reset the bronze figure of an artilleryman onto the pedestal of the 4th New York Battery monument, also known as "Smith's Battery," on November 28.

Back in February 2006 vandals pulled the bronze figure off its base, and the bronze head of the artilleryman was stolen along with parts of the rammer. Earlier this year, park staff created a new bronze head for the artilleryman, allowing the park to return the figure to its pedestal at Devil's Den on the Gettysburg battlefield after more than five years.

Gettysburg National Military Park is a unit of the National Park Service that preserves and protects the resources associated with the Battle of Gettysburg and the Soldiers' National Cemetery, and provides an understanding of the events that occurred there within the context of American History.

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