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Ambitious Plan To Rebuild Concessions Operations In Kings Canyon Scaled Back Due To Lack of Funding


Ambitious plans to makeover the concessions facilities at Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park are too expensive for the Park Service at this time. NPS photo.

An ambitious look at how to improve the concessions available at Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park has come to disappointing conclusion: The Park Service can't afford to make all of the proposed changes, and so will focus on only one aspect of the initial proposal.

When the agency announced a year ago that it was taking a long look at the concession facilities at Grant Grove, it talked of possibly rebuilding the Grant Grove Restaurant, adding tent cabins to area, and relocating employee housing.

In the end, though, addressing all those areas of concern were just too expensive at this time, park officials say.

"Additional site investigation and analysis conducted during project planning indicated that many of the desired components expressed in the original project proposal and preliminary alternatives, including opportunities to expand or change the Grant Grove lodging options and concessions housing, cannot be realized at this time due to funding constraints," they said last week in a release. "Consequently, the NPS will focus on what is currently economically feasible, including the rebuilding of the Grant Grove restaurant."

That said, park officials say that as "opportunities arise and funding becomes available, the NPS will consider how best to achieve an overall design concept plan for concessions operations in the Grant Grove and Cedar Grove areas..."

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