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Reader Participation Day: Would You Stop Donating To the Parks If You Lost the Tax Deduction?


Would you still contribute to charitable organizations such as the National Park Foundation and park friends groups if you couldn't deduct the donation on your income taxes?

In light of all the horse trading going in Washington to reduce the federal deficit, there's been renewed talk about revising the tax code to eliminate loopholes and what you can and can't deduct on your taxes.

Of course, this matters only to those folks who itemize their deductions come tax time.
Nevertheless, if the deduction for donating to charitable organizations disappears, would you still donate to groups such as Friends of Acadia, the Yellowstone Park Foundation, the Grand Teton Park Foundation, the National Parks Conservation Association, and the North Cascades Institute?


I will continue to donate to the National Park Foundation, the National Park Service, and continue to support my local state DNR regardless.  These organizations operate on increasingly thin budgets yet provide so many wonderful services, not to mention access to some of our country's most beautiful landscapes.

I do not get a deduction now and will continue to donate in the future. It is a cause I believe in.

No way. I'll still give to my favorite charities.

And let's not forget Friends of the Smokies (
Yes, I would still donate. The tax code does not dictate what I support.
Danny Bernstein

It might help to improve the overall results from the survey to clarify the different levels of donations.  Like say, at the less than $100 level on up the ladder to the well heeled contributors.  Just a suggestion to possibly get better data as a whole.

Yes I would and do donate to the National Parks Conservation Association and other "Friends Of" the parks, and never would I ever donate to the National Park Foundation.

I choose my charities according to what I believe in, not according to which the government decides I can deduct. 

Perhaps the question could be worded differently. I would still donate to my favorite charities but it's likely that I would donate a little less to cover the taxes I have then have to pay. I will have spent the same amount of money but the charities receive less while the goverment gets a little more to waste.

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