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Take Traveler With You On Your Next National Park Trip


Follow the Traveler on the road with an in-app subscription through Chimani. Chimani images.

Leaving your laptop or desktop computer behind when you head to a national park doesn't mean you have to leave the Traveler behind, too. Through an exclusive agreement with Chimani, LLC you can now subscribe to the Traveler's feed on your iPhone.

Traveler Editor-in-Chief Kurt Repanshek views the arrangement with Chimani, which is offering an in-app subscription to the Internet's only website dedicated to covering the national parks with news, features and commentary on a daily basis, as a great way for travelers to follow the latest news and features on the national parks.

“Not everyone lugs their computer with them on vacation, and with Chimani on your smartphone it’s easy to read the latest from the Traveler,” said Mr. Repanshek. “Whether you’re looking for a checklist to a specific park or curious about how the nesting season for Kemp’s ridley sea turtles is progressing, a feed from the Traveler will help you stay on top of the parks.”

The latest version of Chimani National Parks, now available through Apple, is an indispensable resource for visitors to any national park. It allows users to create a virtual passport of their visits to any one of the 394 National Park System locations. This includes details on all national parks, monuments, memorials, seashores, recreational areas, sites, battlefields, historical parks, and parkways.

Users can create a virtual passport of their trips by “stamping” the units they have visited. The virtual “stamps” can be listed by the year a user has visited a park and features a custom designed “postal stamp” that displays the creation date of America’s first national park – Yellowstone.

"If you love the National Park System like I do, you want to remember all the times you’ve visited a park and keep planning for more visits," says Chimani President Kerry Gallivan. "I am a huge advocate for David Allen’s Getting Things Done© methodology. This is Chimani’s way to help people get what they need done, and start planning for more visits to national parks!”

Like the national park apps that preceded it, the Chimani National Parks app boasts an intuitive user interface and simply design which uses all the common national park service symbols. It also includes 385 photos, a lightning-fast search interface, and interactive map.

The new iPhone app can be downloaded from Apple's iTunes app store (keyword: "chimani") for free for a limited time. The in-app Traveler subscription offer will be available soon for Android phones.

The National Parks app is the latest in a series of apps by Chimani, including Acadia National ParkCuyahoga Valley National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park and the Cape Cod National Seashore. All are available in Android versions as well as the original iPhone versions.

Soon to be released parks include Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Olympic, Great Smoky Mountains, Rocky Mountains and Zion National Park. For more information .

"Chimani" comes from  Chimanimani Mountains National Park in Zimbabwe, where Mr. Gallivan worked in the 1990s to connect hospitals to the Internet.

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Sounds like a fun idea - looking forward to the Android app! But I'll still always drag the laptop with us - when taking 1000's of photos, I can't wait to see them and upload our trips to Facebook and Flickr!

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