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Snow, Rain Help Knock Down Forest Fire In Shenandoah National Park


A night of rain, snow, and sleet helped knock down a forest fire burning in Shenandoah National Park, allowing fire bosses Tuesday to redirect crews to other wildfires in Virginia.

Park officials said the nearly 2,000-acre "Smith Run Fire," which started on private property just west of Shenandoah on Saturday and spread into the park, was 50 percent contained. Firefighters were working on dowsing hot spots, burning any fuels as needed to prevent the fire's spread, and removing hazard trees.

Skyline Drive remains closed, however, as the snow and ice have made driving conditions hazardous, the park reported. Also, the following trails remained closed due to the fire: Mt. Marshall Trail from Skyline Drive to the intersection at the Bluff Trail; Appalachian Trail between Compton Gap and the Browntown Trail; Lands Run Gap Fire Road; and the Jenkins Gap Trail.

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