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Pipe Spring National Monument Will Celebrate Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month During March


Celebrate Arizona pioneer and Native American heritage at Pipe Spring National Monument during March. NPS photo.

During March the staff at Pipe Spring National Monument will be celebrating Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month with some great talks ranging from prehistoric pottery to blacksmithing and John Wesley Powell's explorations of the Southwest.

The monument itself is a window of sorts into the past, as it traces the cultural and natural history associated with the spring waters found there.

Through a series of talks next month that history is delved into through a number of speakers and activities.

There will be special talks, hikes, tours, and demonstrations throughout the month, generally during the weekends, according to a park release. Attend one or more of these and you'll be able to learn about prehistoric pottery; Southern Paiute lifeways and crafts; John Wesley Powell on the Arizona Strip; stonecutting; blacksmithing; and sandal making, just to name some of the topics.

The series starts March 5 when, from 1 p.m.-3 p.m., archeologist Amber Van Alfen will present a workshop teaching basic skills related to documenting and recording historic inscriptions.

For specific programs, dates and times please visit or call 928-643-7105. Pipe Spring National Monument is located 15 miles west of Fredonia, Arizona - or - 25 miles east of Colorado City, Arizona – and is open daily.

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