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Welcome Friends of the Smokies To the Traveler's List of Sponsors!


We'd like to welcome Friends of the Smokies to the Traveler's list of sponsors and invite you to check out this organization that makes so many possibilities turn into realities at Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

As we pointed out Tuesday in our Good Groups Related to National Parks that Deserve a Donation post, in the past 17 years Friends of the Smokies has raised more than $30 million for education courses, preservation work, trails work, and land acquisitions benefitting Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Check out their web site -- -- to learn about their accomplishments, their goals, and their ongoing programming in the park. Purchase a membership for a tax-deductible $25 (or more, your choice) and you not only can rest easy knowing that your contribution will go to benefit Great Smoky Mountains National Park but also enjoy discounts on purchases made in the park visitor center bookstores, on cabin rentals, even on dining in Gatlinburg.

Here at the Traveler we'd like to thank Friends of the Smokies for helping us provide readers with a steady flow of news, features, and commentary surrounding the world's greatest National Park System.


Hey, Welcome Friends of the Smokies:
I'm proud to be a member and supporter of the "Friends". They fund projects in the Smokies that our taxes would never be able to pay for.


We are so proud to be affiliated with National Parks Traveler. I often share links to content from the Traveler in my e-blasts, and I always learn something about our wonderful park from the articles.

From improving trails to saving hemlocks, sparking learning in schoolchildren and managing wildlife—bears, elk, trout, salamanders, and all—there is a lot going on in our Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

National Parks Traveler highlights these important topics. Friends of the Smokies raises funds to support them. Thanks to all who help make it happen with your donations.

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