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How To Land That National Park Job, For A Season or A Career


Here's how to land a job in a national park, along with information on what to expect.

Curious about how to go about finding a job in a national park, one for either just a season or for a possible career? The following video explains the routes you can explore to find that job.

But everything is not as dreamy as you might think when you envision working in Yosemite, Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone national park. Pay can be low, hours long, and housing not what you might be accustomed to.

Those pitfalls are noted in the video, which was produced by Rosemary Regello for The City Edition of San Francisco. In her story Ms. Regello touches on jobs with concessionaires, non-profit groups, the National Park Service, even self-employed roles that can generate a living in a park setting.

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Thank you for posting this video! It's important that people know the truth about what they're getting into before "signing on the dotted line," even for just a season, because the truth is a lot of these companies get away with practices no "real world" businesses could even consider. My first National Park job was at Sequoia National Park in Central California. Our housing was so-called "rustic" cabins with no running water or electricity and just a wood stove for heat. I loved every minute of it, but also lost count of how many times a prospective employee drove in, saw where they had to live, then drove on!

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