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Welcome Crater Lake Institute to the Traveler's List of Sponsors!


Here at the Traveler we'd like to welcome the Crater Lake Institute to our sponsorship rolls, and invite you to learn more about this advocacy group that works in support of Crater Lake National Park.

As we all know, the National Park Service can't meet all the demands placed on it and all the needs of the parks and the visitors. That's where groups such as the Crater Lake Institute come in. Not only do these groups advocate for their respective parks, but they help make ends meet in the parks.

Visit the institute's website and you can bone up on Crater Lake National Park before your visit with information ranging from activities in the park -- Did you know you can scuba dive in Crater Lake? -- to articles on the park's natural history, its dark night skies, and even what sort of science projects are under way in the park.

Here at the Traveler we'd like to thank the institute for helping us provide readers with a steady flow of news, features, and commentary surrounding the world's greatest National Park System.


The Crater Lake Institute has been an avid supporter "in spirit" of National Parks Traveler from the beginning. We feel that National Parks Traveler is the best online and offline source of information, news, and commentary about our national parks and the Natonal Parks Service.

We are now happy to be in the financial position of becoming an official sponsor of Kurt Repanshek and National Parks Traveler. Please visit our web site at, and for those readers who are on facebook, look us up on FB as well!

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