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Legislation Would Allow Small Hydro-generation Operation in Denali National Park and Preserve


A proposal working its way through Congress would allow for a small hydro-generation station to be placed in Denali National Park and Preserve to provide electricity for a lodge.

Sponsored by Sens. Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, the legislation would permit a 50-watt generator to be installed along Eureka Creek to power the Kantishna Roadhouse, a seasonal lodging facility owned by Doyon Tourism, Inc.

To facilitate the operation, the park would swap 18 acres in the area to Doyon Tourism in return for 18 acres elsewhere.

Park officials support the project, but don't have the authority to permit it, thus the need for legislation.


Putting a 50 watt generator will require NEPA approval. Congress can not side step this procedure to hurry along a project, especially if Lisa Murkowski is backing it.

Perhaps that's why the land swap is required, Marco.

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