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Arizona Man Dies in Fall at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area


A 23-year-old Arizona man was killed when he fell about 70 feet while hiking in a canyon at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

NRA officials identified the victim as Porter Dixon, of Mesa, Arizona. They said rangers were called Wednesday afternoon by the man's family, which had been camping on a houseboat, when he did not return from a hike in a side canyon off Warm Creek Bay.

Within hours of launching an air and ground search the man's body was spotted at the base of a cliff, the NRA reported.


Next year we are planning a visit to both the north rim, previous article, and Glen Canyon Dam, plus some other parks in the west, with limited hiking as everyone in the party are senior citizens and it would be a benefit to us to know the details of why these incidents occurred. Usually the lack of water and or stress or carelessness. Disturbing to read of both these occurrences but they can usually be avoided and may be summer heat reated, hopefully.

Details are sketchy in these cases, but I'd guess the woman hiking in the Grand Canyon ran into heat-related problems, while the man in Glen Canyon probably was scrambling and lost his footing.

As you note, most tragedies can be avoided with proper planning and care. But then, too, accidents do happen.

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