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Mark Your Calendars: North Cascades National Park Primer, Introductions May 26


If you live in the Seattle area, there will be a get-to-know event with North Cascades National Park officials and non-profit groups that work in the park on May 26 at the Seattle REI store.

It's not too many national parks that will come to you, but that, essentially, is what's happening late this month when there will be a gathering at the REI store in Seattle to introduce folks to North Cascades National Park.

Not only will you be able to chat with park Superintendent Chip Jenkins, but there also will be rangers and representatives from The Mountaineers, the North Cascades Institute, the Washington Trails Association, and The Wilderness Society who will be able to discuss stewardship opportunities with you.

During the gathering you'll also be able to enter to win gear, North Cascades trips, and other prizes for your outdoor adventures, and enjoy refreshments. Preview the original KCTS 9 documentary, North Cascades: People, Places and Stories, which chronicles our connection with the land and how the North Cascades define us as a culture.

The event is Wednesday, May 26, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Seattle REI. No charge to get in.


I love the North cascades. I have been there many time--living not too far away. Now I will say--Stay away I want it for myself--HAHA
No really, come and enjoy!!! MB

What a bonus! That REI building is very local to us here and sounds like a pleasant evening.

yeah, the north cascades are my favorite national park in washington by far. a very epic place of coolness. if i could, i would live in the cascades.

 My wife and I have hit all but a few of the National Parks in the US except for a few down South.  North Cascade was a fluke find one year but was the most incredible vacation because of it.  We consider North Cascades as our all time favorite out of all the National Parks and hope to visit again, dispite the flight from Michigan.  Please take care of her.....

Thanks for the post, Larry F.  I'm hoping to make it there this July.  Have to say, Isle Royale, in your backyard, is one of my favorites.

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