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Missouri Motorists Can Help Youth Through Jefferson Expansion National Memorial License Plate Program


Buying a license plate that commemorates Jefferson National Expansion Memorial helps fund youth programs at the national park site.

If you live in Missouri and want to help youth get better connected with national parks, consider buying a license plate commemorating Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.

For $25 you can get a license plate with an image of Gateway Arch, and your money will help underwrite educational youth programming at the memorial.

One of the largest youth educational programs supported by the Gateway Arch license plates is the Junior Ranger program. The Junior Ranger program is for children ages 5 - 17.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial consists of both the Gateway Arch and the Old Courthouse in St. Louis. Last year these two sites saw more than 3,500 new Junior Rangers awarded their badges. To receive their badge children complete age appropriate activities in a booklet they are provided at the park. These activities help guide the children and their families through the exhibits and areas of the national park and engage them with the historical and natural significance of the park.

National Park Service rangers present a badge to each child with a completed booklet. This program helps to provide learning adventures for youth while visiting the park and with pride as they leave the park as a new, official Junior Ranger.

Other youth programs funded by the license plate program include Boy and Girl Scout programs, Teacher Workshops, Traveling Trunks and Ranger visits to schools. The Traveling Trunks programs are developed with educational themes related to a variety of curriculums and are available to private, public, and home schools across the country.
Learn more about supporting educational youth programs and how to order a Gateway Arch license plate at

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