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Traveler's Gear Box: For Women, A Handy Accessory for When Nature Beckons in the Outback


There are times when the call of nature can be downright inconvenient for women who head down the trail. The temperature might be too cold, or the mosquitoes too thick, to drop your pants. For those times, there's GoGirl.

Normally, this item might not have been added to the Traveler's Gear Box but for two of the comments to my recent post about a winter trip to Yellowstone National Park.

"What I haven't figured out in all honesty is the "bathroom process," wrote Connie Hopkins. "If you are a guy this is obviously LESS complicated than it is for us gals. We were dropped off at the trailhead for Lone Star Geyser at 9:15 a.m. and skied in. I made a bad decision based on good reasoning (or so I thought) and limited my water intake. In summer you can slip off into the woods and 'take care of business' as the need arises. In the winter with all of those layers on, knee-deep snow and minus-degree temperatures, suddenly this basic act has escalated into an ordeal."

"I suppose it depends upon how 'progressive or open minded' a gal you are," replied 'Samaya,' "but these days we girls do have a few options. A funnel makes it so that we can ultimately do this deed standing up, just like a guy can!"

With this exchange burrowed deep in the recesses of my mind as I recently walked the aisles of the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, a convention that brings manufacturers of all sorts of outdoor gear to one spot so retailers can make their buying decisions, I suddenly found myself in front of the Go Girl booth, where I found the answer to Connie's dilemma.

GoGirl's product, you see, is a "medical grade" flexible silicone rubber funnel that, as the company's slogan points out, means ladies don't have to "take life sitting down" when nature calls in the outback.

This $9.99 item comes in a small plastic tube that makes it easy to stash in your pack or pocket. Inside you'll find the funnel, a tissue, and a baggie for disposal. Designed to provide an anatomically correct leak-proof fit, I was told women should, ahem, practice with this unit at home in the shower so they'll encounter no problems out in the wilds. When you get back from the field, you simply wash it out in hot soapy water.

If any ladies out there have tried GoGirl, please let us know what you think.


Alrighty then! I am going to order one right away! Who'd have thought my "situation" would warrant an article today!? I would like to hear from any gals out there who have tried this as well. Hey, thanks for thinking of me! (I guess) Ha Ha!

Love the post Kurt! So far I like getting the additional squats workout. Gotta keep my glutes strong. But I am intrigued. It would be a great way to freak some guys out if they saw you going from the back. :0

I have not tried the GoGirl, but I have used a similar product called a Urinelle. The Urinelles are paper "cones" that have been folded flat for storage. They come in packs of 7 and are disposable. To use one you simply pinch the sides to reshape the cone. You do still have to drop your pants a bit to get the cone in place, but compared to the squat method its a lot easier. They also are handy for those less than sanitary public restrooms. When you're finished you can just throw it away. Of course, if you're hiking you'll want to pack it out. I'm a nature photographer and have used them several times while in the field. I always keep a pack in my camera bag along with some tissues and baggies.

Morning Dew Photography

Danny Bernstein

OK, I'm going to try one also.
But I've hiked in places where there are no trees, summer or winter. In Iceland and in Kakadu National Park at the top end of Australia, I was
on a group trip. When we wanted to go to the toilet, we went off the trail a little, turned around and dropped our pants.
The other people just pretended that they didn't see it.

As the country music song goes, "Guys do it all the time".

[Kurt, and you thought "Marketing parks like Disneyworld" would get a lot of comments.]

Pity the poor ladies, that they must go through so much trouble to perform so natural a function. Not a problem for guys, of course. When you are a guy, the whole world is your urinal.

And now, I suppose, both genders will be equally able to write their names in the snow.

I'll be watching for feedback here, and will probably order one for my beloved.

How cool is that!!?? :-) You will have to let me know how it works for you. Then I may have to get one, too!

My husband brought this item to my attention and I ordered it and have it in my possession. I haven't "practiced" or used it yet but it seems to be exactly as described. We are not backpackers or skiers but are off roaders, RV'ers and love to be out in the wild. We have tried to come up with a good solution for me and hopefully this does it. Just having it in the vehicle is good in case of long traffic jams, no rest areas, etc.

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