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Artwork Depicting Prehistoric Past Donated to Dinosaur National Monument


Artwork of what the landscape might have looked like when dinosaurs trod the earth has been donated to Dinosaur National Monument. NPS handout.

Dinosaur National Monument has received a donation of artwork depicting what the landscape might have looked like when dinosaurs walked about.

Liz Bradford, a scientific illustrator intern, donated the art that offers a view of what the ancient world of the dinosaurs might have looked like. The monument plans to use the art for various educational projects, and will display a copy in the new visitor center.

Ms. Bradford researched the plants and animals that existed in the area millions of years ago during her 3-month internship at the monument. As she painted, Ms. Bradford took a picture of the canvas every hour and pieced them together into a 15-second video. To see how her artwork took shape, visit

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