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Authorities Searching For Those Who Dragged Dog to Death at Colorado National Monument


This German shepherd was dragged behind a vehicle for nearly 2 miles until it died. NPS photo.

An adult German shepherd that appeared to be in fine physical condition was dragged to death behind a vehicle at Colorado National Monument early Wednesday, prompting authorities to seek information leading to those responsible.

Monument Superintendent Joan Anzelmo says someone drove into the monument on the West Hill in the early morning hours Wednesday and dragged the dog at the side of their vehicle for approximately 2 miles. The dog was dumped near the first tunnel on the west hill and found dead with a rope around its neck by a monument employee at approximately 4:30 a.m., the superintendent said in a prepared release.

The dog is an adult male German shepherd,that appears to have been in otherwise relatively good condition with a thick coat of fur prior to suffering this incredibly cruel fate. The dog was found with a blue and silver synthetic rope around its neck. The tracks left in the snow tell the story of the crime, with the dog initially walking, then running and then being dragged presumably to the point of its death and then dumped.

An investigation is under way, and the park has distributed photographs of the deceased dog "in hopes that people will recognize the animal and report the person (or persons) who committed this horrific crime upon a defenseless animal," the release said. "The monument also will be working with area vets to see if they have any information on the dog."

A crime tip line has been established. Anyone with information on this crime or any other crime committed in Colorado National Monument is urged to call the Monument’s Crime Tip Line at 970-712-2798. Callers may remain anonymous.


Let's catch the SOB's! There's something very terribly sick with this person or individuals that did this extremely cruel and despicable crime. Somebody has head problems big time! Will catch the perpetrators of this crime...just a matter of time.

Maybe the perps of this dasterdly deed should get a taste of their own medicine. I pray they are caught quickly before they do it to another innocent animal.

That poor baby, I hope hum ever did this gets some very needed mental help.. Only a very disturbed person can commit a crime like this. I just hope the he/she is caught soon so this will not happen to another animal.

Please pursue this sick (person), although cowards like this usually have an accomplice. To tortue in one of our National Parks is a crime that should be dealt with serious consequences. Make no mistake, anyone capable of this can hurt people. I will donate if there is a reward.

This is sooo upsetting....I think the only fair punishment is a taste of one's own medicine. This poor dog...I HOPE they catch the ...can't even say SOB...because a SOB wouldn't have done this.....this Turd....or Turds.....

Let's sincerely hope someone besides the authorities catch you first, and show you the same mercy you showed that poor innocent dog, you know who you are, heres to your speedy apprehension!

Should you good people of colorado catch the vermin that did this, I would be more than happy to drive to colorado and DRAG them back to michigan to stand trial here. this would save you taxpayers a few bucks on a trial there being that the economy is so bad and all. maybe they'll get lucky and run into a pack of stray pit bulls some dark night.

I wonder if it could have been unintentional. Maybe the person or persons tied the dog to their bumper - then forgot about him until it was too late. Nevertheless, they are terribly guilty of neglect, or something. J

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