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"Short-Haul" Operation Used to Rescue Backpackers at Kings Canyon National Park


A "short-haul" operation, in which individuals are hooked onto a rope dangled beneath a helicopter, was used to rescue three backpackers from a ledge over the Roaring River Falls in Kings Canyon National Park.

Park officials say the trio -- 25-year-old Jordan Zeman, his 23-year-old brother Jacob, and 25-year-old Lanier Rogers -- were all lifted to safety Thursday afternoon. The three, who were initially reported missing by family members on October 12, were spotted on their perch only about a quarter-mile from Cedar Grove by a search helicopter about noon Thursday. Later that after the short-haul operation was used to bring the three to safety.

Approximately 50 searchers from around California, including Fresno County, Sierra Madre, and China Lake Search and Rescue, participated in the search along with park personnel.

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