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National Park Service Announces Superintendent Vacancy At Gettysburg National Military Park


In a four-sentence release, National Park Service officials announced Friday that they would conduct a national search to find a new superintendent for Gettysburg National Military Park, where former Superintendent John Latschar had come under scrutiny after sexually explicit content was found on his office computer.

Without explaining why Mr. Latschar was leaving his job at Gettysburg, the NPS release said he had been "reassigned to National Park Service headquarters as a special assistant to the Associate Director for Cultural Resources."

"Gettysburg National Military Park chief ranger Brion Fitzgerald will serve as acting superintendent effective October 26, 2009," added the release. "An interim superintendent will be named shortly as we begin a nationwide search for a permanent superintendent. We will issue a more detailed statement early next week."


It's basic. You don't look at anything of that nature at work. Period. He's a smart man, but he's got a problem understanding the basic rules that apply to all government employees and computers. As superintendent he is held to the same standards, and ought to be leading the way. Frankly, he needs to retire. As superintendent of Gettysburg, he must be a GS14/15 if not a member of the Senior Executive Service. There must be an investigation, and if he's found guilty, he should be demoted.

The National Park Service should be ashamed of itself if it continues to pay this man, at his old salary, to sit around and do minor busy work out of the sight of the public.

I saw this kind of personnel action at several of the Air Force bases I served at during a 26-year career. Just as I saw at an overseas base, at which a squadron commander was canned for fraternizing with a subordinate female, the now-former super of Gettysburg has simply been handed a quiet "retire now" notice. I'd be surprised if he doesn't do just that.

The job posting is up at usajobs:

GS14/15, $102-153K, status applicants only (3 years federal service, including veteran status). The KSAs appear to be generic for superintendent of a major unit-- they don't have anything specifically about the Civil War or Gettysburg (getting a specific position description approved would have taken several months). My money is on a superintendent from a mid-size, mid-profile historic/cultural park moving up to this job.

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