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Podcasts on Mountain Pine Beetles and Wilderness Can be Found at The Rocky Mountain Nation Podcast


Here at the Traveler we've written quite a bit about mountain pine beetle attacks on forests in the Rockies, as well as wilderness issues. Well, over at the Rocky Mountain Nation Podcast you can listen to similar stories.

Regarding mountain pine beetles in Rocky Mountain National Park, reporter/producer Aaron Deschane discusses mitigation work being done by a private contractor.

Mr. Deschane also recently produced a podcast on the designation of wilderness in Rocky Mountain. You can listen to that report by clicking here.


Thanks for the link interesting listen. After some digging, I found an "about us" page for the Rocky Mountain Nation. I'm glad this group is taking the initiative and setting up these podcasts.

"The Rocky Mountain Nation Podcast is a podcast by and for Rocky Mountain National Park enthusiasts. We’ll work on covering issues that impact RMNP and its surrounding communities as well as topics to help you plan your visits to the park.

The Rocky Mountain Nation Podcast is a part of a suite of Rocky Mountain National Park enthusiast websites. Those websites are: - A collection of resources to help you plan your trip to RMNP. You’ll find itinerary suggestions, info on dining and lodging, recreation details, and more. - The forums are a place to plug in with other Rocky Mountain National Park enthusiasts."

Rocky Mountain Nation about us:

Executive Director,
Crater Lake Institute
Robert Mutch Photography,

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