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Mammoth Cave Latest National Park to Land a Friends Group


A friends group has been organized to support Mammoth Cave National Park. The organization, Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park, will hold a get-to-know-us reception on July 24 in Cave City, Kentucky.

There's another friends group coming to the National Park System. This one is in support of Mammoth Cave National Park.

Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park has scheduled a get-to-know-us reception for next Thursday, July 24, from 5:00-7:00 p.m., CDT, at the Cave City Convention Center in Cave City, Kentucky.

The friends group was formed to help fund new projects and initiatives at Mammoth Cave National Park. This can only be accomplished with the support of individuals and organizations that care about Mammoth Cave and want to help ensure that its magic endures forever. The group is extending a public invitation to cave supporters to become involved by becoming a member.

The Friends, a 501(c) 3 pending non-profit organization, was created in late 2007. A group of concerned citizens, working with the National Park Service, started the Friends of Mammoth Cave Foundation in order to protect, preserve, and enhance Mammoth Cave National Park.

The Foundation works to fund important projects and programs, many of which are beyond the financial capacity of the National Park Service. The foundation receives no annual government funding; it relies instead upon the generous support of private citizens, foundations, and corporations to ensure that Mammoth Cave’s great gifts to the world will never diminish.

The group's mission statement explains that it organized to "support memorable multi-cultural, multi-generational visitor experiences to Mammoth Cave National Park in partnership with surrounding communities; serve as an ambassador to both Mammoth Cave National Park and the Caveland Region, promoting and enhancing understanding and appreciation of all facets of Mammoth Cave National Park and the surrounding International Biosphere Reserve; support and foster educational programs and research projects, including those that will improve students’ competence in science and technology or encourage international cooperation; support, create, and encourage healthy lifestyles through the fitness opportunities and recreational choices available at Mammoth Cave National Park and the surrounding area."

If you would like to become a founding member, make a donation, or see how you can volunteer to help the Friends of Mammoth Cave Organization, please visit their website or contact them at 270-773-2887.

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