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Wolf Killed Illegally Near Grand Teton National Park, $3,000 Reward Offered


A gray wolf has been shot and killed illegally near Grand Teton National Park. NPT file photo by Kurt Repanshek.

A gray wolf has been illegally shot and killed just outside Grand Teton National Park. Wyoming wildlife officials have posted a $3,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the poacher.

While 16 wolves have been legally killed in Wyoming since the federal government removed the gray wolf from Endangered Species Act protection, this killing is the first committed illegally in the state's northwest corner. Under Wyoming's wolf management regulations, wolves in that part of the state can only be hunted with state-issued licenses, and so far Wyoming has not established a hunting season for the predators.

The dead wolf was found April 21 by a U.S. Forest Service employee along U.S. 191 just east of Moran Junction in Grand Teton. Since wolves were delisted in late March, investigation of the killing is up to the state of Wyoming.


Kurt, I am not going let this tragic and sad article pass me by without venting my anger at this despicable sick coward that shot this beautiful animal.

It never amazes me and some people just can't live in balance with's gotta be this rape and pillage of the land with complete disregard of its natural resources...whether it be fur, fin or feather. With global warming at hand, wildlife is being pushed to the limits for survival, either it be the gray wolf or polar bears of the Arctic. Some idiot that doesn't give a ---- about our natural resources and pulls the trigger to annihilate some species of animal just because it doesn't fit in his scheme of a living coward to boot.

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what about animals that are not beautiful ?
why are people so attached to the Wolf ? It is just as much a vicious predator as any other in the wilderness.
Is it because it looks so much like a beloved pet dog ?

Be it a wolf, a bear, wolverine or what have you. If I perceive it to be a threat to my life, its goin down.


I love how tough you are.

Rick Smith


All animals be it a wild predator or just a chipmunk are beautiful and deserve a chance to live, they do not need to be killed. The natural balance of things will take care of it, people do not need to intervene.

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If you perceive every predator as a threat to your life, then please stay out of the wilderness, and stay out of non-wilderness wild lands. Nothing in Kurt's article nor this killing indicates that anyone's life was directly threatened by this wolf.

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