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Snow Forces Mount Rainier Officials to Close Road to Paradise


This winter's snows should leave plenty of white on Mount Rainier for summer visitors. Kurt Repanshek photo.

Thirteen feet of snow is a pretty good winter for most folks. At Mount Rainier National Park, they received 13 feet of snow in 11 days!

And, not too surprisingly, that much snow has forced park officials to close the road to Paradise.

"Paradise, at 5,400 feet, has received at least a foot of snow every day since January 28 except for one. More than 156 inches --13 feet -- of snow has fallen in the past 11 days!," park officials said in a release.

“We’re closing the road from Longmire to Paradise to protect park visitors,” said park Superintendent Dave Uberuaga. “Continuous winter storms have increased the avalanche hazards and made it very difficult to keep the road open."

With the snowy weather expected to continue into the weekend, park officials don't know when they'll be able to reopen the road.

"We have the plows and drivers necessary to clear the snow, and we will reopen the road as soon as conditions improve,” said Superintendent Uberuaga.

To check road and weather information at Mount Rainier National Park call 360-569-2211 and then select 1.

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