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A Modern History Of Public Lands Mismanagement


    What's become of our public lands, you wonder?
    Why has there been so much pressure in recent years to drastically rewrite the National Park Service's Management Policies? What was the point behind a congressional committee's review of the National Park Service Organic Act?
    There's a common thread to the answers for these and other questions revolving around the management of our federal lands in recent history. And it's neatly laid out by Bill Berkowitz at his Dissident Voice newsletter.
    Mr. Berkowitz's column focuses on J. Steven Griles's effort to avoid jail time for the crimes he committed as deputy Interior secretary and instead do "community service" for the American Recreation Coalition, the group behind what increasingly is becoming known as the "Disneyfication" of our public lands.
    With some guidance from Scott Silver at Wild Wilderness and a look at recent news stories, Mr. Berkowitz deftly portrays how management of our public lands has become so manipulated for the benefits of a few. His piece is a good, as well as alarming, read.


I wonder if there was any secret vistor's from the NPS and American Recreation Coalition having one of those famous clandestine meeting with Mr. Cheney...of course, will never know since the secret service torn up Cheney's vistor's files. A typical operation with this administration.

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