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Great Smokies Fire Contained


    Two weeks after it was sparked, the Buck Shank fire in Great Smoky Mountains National Park has been fully contained.
    Fire bosses say the blaze covered 970 acres. While there still are some smoldering spots and snags still burning, most of the 54 firefighters who had been battling the flames have been released. Additionally, a number of trails remain closed for the immediate future.
    The Little Bottoms Trail is closed as is the Hatcher Mountain Trail, while the Cooper Road Trail is closed from its junction with Cane Creek Trail to Beard Cane Trail.
    The Abrams Falls Trail is closed from below the falls down to Little Bottoms Trail, but park managers emphasize that the very heavily-used section of Abrams Creek Trail from its trailhead in Cades Cove down to Abrams Falls is still open and safe for hikers.

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