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Be Careful Out There


    We've already had a number of deadly accidents across the park system this year, the most recent involving a St. Louis man who fell 1,000 feet to his death from Angel's Landing in Zion National Park. It was an incredibly tragic accident, as the man reportedly had hiked up the trail with his son and daughter and other relatives who were standing nearby when he fell.

    Now comes word out of Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks that four visitors narrowly escaped death. Two of the four were swept down streams flowing fast with snowmelt, while the others had to make an 18-mile detour around a snowfield they hadn't planned for.

    As summer wears on, I'm sure we'll hear more and more tragic stories from the parks. Make sure you're not involved in them. Be careful out there.


Signs in Yosemite and Sequoia say "If you get into this water you will be swept away and drowned" (Or words to that effect). I don't know how much clearer the NPS could be.

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