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Gale Norton Winds Up at Shell Oil


    Gale goes to work for a major oil company. Are we supposed to be surprised?
    For some background on her latest career move, read Todd Wilkinson's piece here.


Gale Norton, now is a piece of corporate garbage! A pimp would know better!

You certainly are a piece of work, Snowbird. Hmm...I wonder if you buy anything at all from those "evil corporations" any gasoline lately?? You must grow all your own food and live in a cave.... Gale Norton, as does any American, has the right to seek employment wherever she wishes...if Shell Oil Co. offered her the best package of incentives for her talent, then she should take it...America is the greatest country in the world because one can make as much money as they are willing to work for to achieve their dreams...oh, I know...liberals like yourself want everything for free...from the government! Perhaps you should go over to a left-wing blog instead of polluting this good blog...your hateful posts and vile language are starting to reek....

Dear Heather: Give me a break! Anybody that disagrees with you and your ultra radical right wing policies is "vile and hateful". I agree we have a wonderful and free country that gives me the right to dissent and criticizes those who abuse there power...such as Gale Norton. She did very ,very little to up grade the National Parks to it's proper status to function resourcefully...and that's a known fact! Oh! yes, is making all the money in the world the criteria for a good "meaningful" life? Also, for your interest, we don't patronize Wal-Mart either. Have a Happy New Year dear Heather...and God Bless America...and keep the flag flying! This American gives a living damn for this country, so don't mock me for my true sense of's a typical way you right wingers do your guilt tripping.

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