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Channel Islands Hunting Preserve Nears Reality


Chisscenic_copy     To show you how narrow-minded at least one congressman is, and how many others wear blinders, the Congress apparently is one step away from turning a chunk of Channel Islands National Park into a hunting preserve for a select few.
    In their frenzy to leave Washington and resume campaigning for their precious seats, members of the House of Representatives have passed a defense authorization bill containing language that would set aside a good portion of Santa Rosa Island, which is part of the national park, into a hunting preserve for disabled veterans.
    And the Senate is fully expected to agree to the legislation because it wants to adjourn so some of its members can squeeze in a few more weeks of campaigning.
    Never mind that at least one veterans group has opposed this plan, as has the National Park Service, as have members of the Senate, as has the National Parks Conservation Association.
    Yet because the task of crafting legislation has become so cumbersome, prone to wasteful additions that go unnoticed, and downright manipulative, and because politicians are more concerned with retaining their seats than doing what's best for the country, dismal proposals such as this sail through.
    You can read the latest on this travesty here.

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