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Dirk Caught Off-Guard By MPs


    Seems like Dirk was caught just a wee bit off-guard by the motorized recreation industry's opposition to the latest, greatest version of the National Park Service's Management Policies.
    "Kempthorne was not happy when the rec industry raised concerns about the document. Fran had told him everybody was on board," a source told the folks behind the Federal Parks and Recreation Bulletin. "Mr. Kempthorne and some people close to him don't like to be embarrassed."
    Yeah, I can't blame him. It's tough when folks like the American Recreation Coalition, which would love to see more snowmobiles and ATVs cruising our national parks, come complaining to you because your NPS director has signed off on a rewrite of the Management Policies that aims to ensure that conservation of park resources remains the agency's numero uno goal.
    It's especially frustrating when you hear the complaints after you also have applauded the rewrite.


Here's how we "manage" ATVs in Minnesota. You'd never guess that we have 2 ATV makers in the state.

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