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Words Are Nice, But Show Us the Money!


    You gotta love the folks up in Maine. They keep a keen eye on life, take a damn logical approach to it, and seldom miss a beat.
    Throughout the past ten months, they've closely followed the hoopla over the National Park Service's Management Policies, for they dearly love their lone national park, Acadia, a true jewel of the Atlantic.
    In the wake of last week's news that the Park Service hierarchy in Washington had admitted it erred badly in trying to refocus the agency's mission by rewording the MPs, the Bangor Daily News rightly applauded the return to sanity when it comes to explaining how officials should be managing the parks.
    That said, those shrewd Maine-ites (or is it Mainers?) at the Daily News quite correctly pointed out that while words are nice, they mean little without the bucks to back them up. And in the case of the national park system, we're talking about very, very big bucks.
    You can read the newspaper's take on this aspect of running the park system here.

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