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If Director's Order 21 Takes Effect....


     Director's Order 21, that thorny missive from National Park Service Director Fran Mainella that would rewrite the rules for charitable gifts to the national park system and how those donors are recognized, still is in draft stage. Whether it will become the official law of NPS giving remains to be seen.
Parksignage2_4    Back in November I took a look at the debate over Director's Order 21. In that post I noted that Director Mainella is behind plaques that would honor donors as long as they were tasteful and unobtrusive.
    Well, I've come across some photos of sponsorship plaques and signage that already exist in two national parks -- Acadia and Yellowstone. I'd be curious to hear whether you think these examples are reasonable or whether they're the initial foothold of turning our national parks into commercial billboards.

(Public domain photos)



Does the Park Service even question the environmental soundness of these companies before it takes their money and plasters their names everywhere? Or is the Service so desperate that it allows itself to be used to Greenwash the images of these donors for a few bucks?

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