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Bangor Daily News Condemns MP Revisions


    If you're keeping count, add the Bangor Daily News in the great state of Maine to the newspapers across the country that are stating their opposition to the Interior Department's proposed revisions to the National Park Service's Management Policies.
    Here's a snippet of their editorial:
        "Everyone seems to agree that the parks are underfunded. Like many other federal programs, budgets are stretched thin because so much money goes for the Iraq war, huge new weapons programs and tax benefits mainly for the rich. The Bush administration's solution is to cut park budgets and solicit new funding from private and corporate donors, repaying their generosity by naming park buildings and other park facilities for them."
    You can read the entire editorial here.


Good to hear that those who have a bit of the public's attention are making their opinions known. Even better that they are coming down on the side of clear thinking and sensible policy-making. Would you be so kind as to give us an idea of what kind of timeline the Interior Department is working on to implement the new NPS Management Policies? Politically speaking, is this issue controlled entirely by the political appointees in DoI and NPS? (As a resident of Bangor [loved your snapshot of Acadia, by the way], I've already voiced my support to my hometown paper. I've also made my opposition known to NPS by commenting on their website.)

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