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Poll: Americans Tell Pombo to Stay Out of the Parks


    Well, here's a shocker: Americans think Congressman Richard Pombo's thoughts on how to make a few more bucks from national parks are ridiculous.
    According to a poll conducted by Zogby International for the National Parks Conservation Association, nearly 80 percent of likely voters strongly or somewhat disagree that our national parks should be sold to developers or the oil and gas industry. And 84 percent of those surveyed strongly or somewhat disagree with Pombo's suggestion that the National Park Service get into the advertising business by selling naming rights to visitor centers and trails.
    Think of the possibilities if Pombo gets his way. We could have the "Exxon Center" at Old Faithful, or maybe the "Georgia-Pacific Center" in Redwoods National Park, or perhaps the "Phillip-Morris Center" at Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
    As for trails, what do you think about the Pacific Crest Trail presented by Coleman Stoves, or maybe Microsoft's Appalachian Trail?

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