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Sequoia Leads National Parks in Pot Cultivation


    Not only does Sequoia National Park have some of the tallest trees in the world, but apparently it leads all other U.S. national parks in cultivation of marijuana. The L.A. Times reports that California national parks seem to be popular with the pot growers: during the past year 100,000 marijuana plants have been confiscated from national parks in that state, with 44,000 coming out of Sequoia alone.


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Interesting article... The most telling line from that story, perhaps, is: "Oddly enough, public outcry has been remarkably muted." It's a shame that these growers are not taking good care of the parks where they've set up shop (leaving garbage, etc). Hmm, maybe National Park preservation is just another reason why this country's drug policy, especially regarding marijuana, is so misguided and in need of reform. Were marijuana not prohibited, profit margins would bottom out, and these gun-toting, Park-using drug kingpins would leave the market. Individual people would be free to decide for themselves what they put into their body and could grow or buy it legitimately--and the goods would not have to come from National Park land.

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