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Congress Collecting Parks Funding Information


    If you live in New England, put August 24 on your calendar. That's the day a congressional subcommittee will be taking testimony in Boston regarding the funding of national parks.
    The hearings will be chaired by Representative Mark Souder, R-Ind., who has co-sponsored the National Parks Centennial Act. That legislation is designed to wipe out the park service's maintenance backlog by 2016 and provide funding for natural and cultural preservation needs in the parks. The meeting -- the third in a series Souder has held -- is set for at 10 a.m. in Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston.
    Representative Souder is trying to build a record of the financial needs of the nation's parks.
    Hmmm, perhaps he could redirect that $62,209 salary NPS Director Fran Mainella wants for a traveling secretary to something that actually achieves some good IN the park system.

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