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"The Last Season" Comes to Paperback

Author : Eric Blehm
Published : 2007-01-30

Just in time for summer's backpacking and camping season, The Last Season  has arrived in paperback.

I reviewed this book a year ago shortly after it hit the market in a hardcover-edition and it's well-worth your time if you like a true-life mystery involving a legendary backcountry ranger in Kings Canyon National Park.

The paperback edition offers a little bit more than the hardcover. For instance, there's an interview with author Eric Blehm that provides some behind-the-scenes insights into the search-and-rescue operation that was conducted for Randy Morgenson.

Also, Mr. Blehm shares an essay Mr. Morgenson wrote in July 1978 while hiking into Nine Lakes Basin. And Mr. Blehm discusses a friendship the book spawned between himself and mountaineer Patty Rambert, who worked hard to spread word of The Last Season. Shortly after Ms. Rambert died in a mountaineering accident a year ago, Mr. Blehm decided to dedicate the paperback edition of his book to her memory and spirit.

If you haven't seen the hardcover edition of this book, I strongly urge you to invest in the paperback edition. You won't be disappointed.

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