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The Waterworks of Yellowstone

Colonnade Falls, Yellowstone National Park. Copyright Kurt Repanshek
Kurt Repanshek
Friday, September 23, 2011

You definitely have to put some effort in to reach it, but Colonnade Falls on the Bechler River is definitely worth that effort!

The two falls were named in 1885, and while there's no record as to why, speculation by Yellowstone National Park historian Lee Whittlesey is that "it probably referred either to the nearby columnar basalt layers or to the fact that there were two waterfalls. A colonnade is a series or row of columns placed at regular intervals."

The upper fall measures 35 feet top to bottom, while the lower falls is 67 feet tall.

Kurt, is there any way to slow down the transition from one picture to another?  We need more time to admire them.  Perhaps four seconds each instead of what seems like just a split second?

Hmmm.  I just timed it and found it's at about four seconds right now.  How about ten?

Lee, I'll look into that, but in the meantime, if you click on the picture it will, of course, bring it up for you to admire as long as you'd like;-)

Well, son of a gun!  I just need to be smarter than the mouse.

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