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Redrock Winter

Marion Littlefield
Friday, January 29, 2010

Some might say southern Utah has gotten more than its share of snow this winter. That might be so, but it sure does make for a pretty picture, no? Marion Littlefield captured this setting, and it sure makes one want to head to Bryce Canyon National Park to see things for yourself.

Another of Marion's photos showed snow depths of nearly 4 feet at the Bryce Point viewpoint. And it's only January.

Hiking the Navajo Loop Trail in deep fresh snow is a real treat!

Owen Hoffman
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

This is my first winter in red rock country (finally got permanent at Capitol Reef!) and I am awed everyday by the beauty of snow on the cliffs. Although I'm freezing my behind off after moving from Death Valley, I'm thankful that I did arrive in Utah for one of their snowiest winters so I could enjoy this. I would love to see the view in Bryce, but last I heard they had 4ft. and that's a little too much for me! So thanks for the picture so I could see it from my warm office.

Ranger Holly

Capitol Reef is one of my favorite places. Never been there is winter; any chance you could post a photo? That would be amazing!

Well I have no idea how to post pictures on here. If it involves more than cut and paste it's beyond my abilities. If someone could let me know how I would love to post a pic!

If you feel like flipping through a whole bunch of other pictures about my life, you can visit my website and see Capitol Reef pictures there

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