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Close Encounters In Glacier National Park

John Francis
Sunday, November 29, 2009

You can't really go wrong carrying a camera in Glacier National Park. Reader John Francis and his wife discovered that a couple summers ago on the trail to Grinnell Glacier.

In case you're wondering, he took this shot with a Kodak Z712 IS digital camera. As for his wife, she turned her Canon 20D on a grizzly. That photo might show up down the road.

"Waking up to the sounds of a light breeze whispering through the trees and a bubbling creek nearby. Looking out to see the sun's light shining on the top of a nearby mountain peak - turning around and still…" Ahhh, Glacier Park is the best!!!

And oh by the way, I love your photo :)

i love the pic but what about the bad things in the glacier park? not every thing is great about the same place. :(

Caitlyn, I'm not sure what you mean, but we do write about the "bad things" too. That includes threats posed by outside activities. For example, on December 11 we posted a Traveler article about threats to the park posed by a proposed gold mine. You can check that story out at this site.

Great shot! Glacier National Park is an awesome place to get close-up experience to all sorts of plant life and wildlife. Thanks for sharing!

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